Adhering to the concept of one-stop service, to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with finished product assembly services, Fartai electronics with flexible personnel and assembly line, can be competent from research and development proofing to small and medium-sized batch of finished product assembly tasks. In small and medium-sized batch assembly, we can provide 12 product testing services, such as RoHS, electrical testing and aging, according to customer needs, so as to improve the reliability of products. In the assembly work, the system perfect work instruction, lets the assembly staff's operation standardization. According to the customer demand and product characteristics of customized targeted inspection standards, from each link to improve the direct rate of products.

  Fartai electronics has 5 production lines, the factory high starting point planning, the workshop is equipped with central air conditioning, temperature and humidity control electronic components special warehouse, 2000 square meters of temperature control finished products warehouse, 100,000 level anti-static processing of the new workshop, equipped with after welding, assembly, testing a full set of assembly lines. We can provide r&d proofing, small and medium-sized batch assembly and production, including PCB design, PCB production, material purchasing, SMT, after welding, burning, assembly, testing, aging, finished product delivery and other services. Perfect global procurement network, can provide customers with a full set of materials procurement, including structural parts, connectors, resistance, IC chip and other materials procurement.