• Why can't Jiangmen printed circuit board be directly touched by fingers

    2020-04-28 1037

    Why can't PCB touch directly with fingers  Why can't PCB touch directly with fingers? What are the severe results if you touch the circuit board directly with your hands? In fact, it will lead

  • Analysis on the new focus of high-end field of PCB competition

    2020-04-28 1012

    Printed circuit board (PCB) is a base plate for assembling electronic parts. It is a printed board which forms point to point connection and printed components on the general base material according t

  • How to make Jiangmen printed circuit board

    2020-04-28 971

       How is PCB made? PCB can't be separated from the electronic equipment we can see. From electronic watches, calculators, general computers, to computers, communication electronic equipment, mi

  • Analysis of Jiangmen PCB manufacturing and packaging process

    2020-04-28 945

      1. Process destination  The process of "packaging" has been paid more attention in PCB factories, which is usually less than the steps in the manufacturing process. The first reason is tha

  • Improvement measures of Jiangmen PCB explaining PCB short circuit

    2020-04-28 908

      PCB "circuit short circuit" is a problem that every PCB manufacturer will encounter almost every day. It is also a difficult problem to deal with. This problem has been improved well or ba

  • What are the characteristics of Jiangmen printed circuit board

    2020-04-28 907

      PCB can be used more and more widely, because it has many common advantages, as follows.  Can be high-density: for decades, PCB high-density can be developed with the progress of integrated circuit

  • Processing of high precision Multilayer PCB

    2020-04-28 883

    Processing of high precision Multilayer PCB  With the development of modern electronic technology and the high-speed and integration of chips, the electromagnetic environment inside and outside variou