• Jiangmen PCB analysis of common faults of PCB

    2020-04-28 1514

      PCB, commonly known as printed circuit board, is an indispensable part of electronic components and plays a core role. In a series of PCB production processes, there are many matching points. If you

  • Maintenance principle of Jiangmen PCB explanation PCB

    2020-04-28 1485

      The repairmen with deep knowledge of electronic skills and hardware are full of determination for repair work. But if the method is not appropriate, the work will be half done. So how can we improve

  • What are the best welding methods for Jiangmen PCB

    2020-04-28 1489

      The best welding method of PCB  1. Stannous action  When the hot liquid solder dissolves and penetrates into the surface of the metal to be welded, it is called metal tin or metal tin. The molecular

  • What are the types of Jiangmen PCB

    2020-04-28 1237

      Unique PCB types  At present, there are also some unique printed circuit boards, such as metal core printed circuit boards, surface mounted printed circuit boards, carbon film printed circuit boards

  • What are the classifications of Jiangmen PCB according to the characteristics of the board

    2020-04-28 1210

      Classification by sheet properties  According to the characteristics of the board, the board can be divided into two types: rigidity and softness.  Rigidity PCB  The rigidity PCB has certain impact

  •  Analysis of the difference between dry film and wet film on Jiangmen PCB

    2020-04-28 1180

        There are two ways for multilayer circuit board manufacturers to manufacture circuits. One is to use dry film and the other is to use wet film. What is the difference between the two after all? P

  • Why can't Jiangmen printed circuit board be directly touched by fingers

    2020-04-28 1037

    Why can't PCB touch directly with fingers  Why can't PCB touch directly with fingers? What are the severe results if you touch the circuit board directly with your hands? In fact, it will lead

  • Analysis on the new focus of high-end field of PCB competition

    2020-04-28 1012

    Printed circuit board (PCB) is a base plate for assembling electronic parts. It is a printed board which forms point to point connection and printed components on the general base material according t

  • How to make Jiangmen printed circuit board

    2020-04-28 971

       How is PCB made? PCB can't be separated from the electronic equipment we can see. From electronic watches, calculators, general computers, to computers, communication electronic equipment, mi

  • Analysis of Jiangmen PCB manufacturing and packaging process

    2020-04-28 945

      1. Process destination  The process of "packaging" has been paid more attention in PCB factories, which is usually less than the steps in the manufacturing process. The first reason is tha